IMG_1103Rembrant house




Banky’s work of the past two decades has drawn a litany of both praise and controversy, and nowhere is his simultaneous appeal an notoriety more present than in Laugh Now., 2002. Comprised of his signature means of urban expression – namely board spray-painted with his own stencil designs – this work perfectly encapsulates Bansky’s modus operandi while conjuring the dark thematic elements that underline such a comic piece.

Bansky’s history as a street artist and his efforts to conceal his identity make his artistic figures his only interactive surrogates. Bearing this in mind, the monkeys upon the panel not only assume an anarchistic quality  but also make for a fascinating study into the future of street art. The art of Bansky was once perceived as nothing more than vandalism with style, yet he is now recognized as the world’s foremost street artist.




Laugh Now Ten Monkeys, 2002

Stencil Spray Paint on Painted Board



Modern Contemporary Museum was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers. This privately owned house was one of the first family houses built on the Museumplein and was used as a family home until 1939.

The MOCO museum wants to make a wide range of modern and contemporary art available to the general public.




Rijksmuseum – Museumplein – Amsterdam

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