Portrait of a Lady



Part of my animation for the Wallace Collection project (MA illustration and Visual Media at the UAL). I am still experimenting which colours are the best for the different parts of my animation. I have Wes Anderson as a reference, the way he uses the colours in his work is fantastic. Every color that he uses is in harmony with the film and the characters.




Also, I like the way Wes Anderson uses symmetry in all his films. Is not a common thing used in the cinema, because is said that the symmetry provokes irreality. But in Anderson’s films, everything looks beautiful. I highly appreciate the way he treats each of the images that appear in his movies. He has a delicate narrative style, there is emotionalism in every scene of his films.


On the other hand, another important reference that is on my mind is Javier Mariscal. Is a Spanish artist and designer. He has work in different things painting, sculpture, interior design and landscaping. He is well known for drawing the mascot for the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. The mascot was the centre of great controversy because of its vanguard image. But nowadays Cobi is recognised as the most pro table mascot in the history of the modern games. He later created the cartoon series The Cobi Troupe.





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